The Russian-UK raw materials dialogue conference: The major elements of sustainable development

Posted by IOM3 - Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining on 18 November 2017

The St Petersburg Mining University, Russia, hosted ‘The Russian-UK raw materials dialogue conference’ on 18-19 October.

The inaugural Russian-UK conference, which was centred on major elements of sustainable development, was set up as part of a strategic partnership established in 2015 between the University and IOM3.

Held in St Petersburg, the two-day conference brought together experts from the UK and Russia to discuss mineral resource potential for the global economy. A party of UK experts and research students attended the event. Video conferences were also set up in London, Mansfield and Knottingley to facilitate remote participation of the oral sessions.

Topics covered included resource policies, political challenges, new extraction technologies and prospects of raw mineral resources. Also discussed was the interaction of universities and professional communities in the formation of professional competencies, ethical requirements for engineering, and the co-operation between university facilities in Russia and the UK.

Ian Bowbrick, IOM3 Director of Professional Development and Membership, said, ‘The two-day event in St Petersburg ended on a high note. We were able to field a great team of experts to give presentations and we had some solid support from our younger members too.

‘It was great to see a group of student members who are highly supportive of IOM3. While there were fewer UK representatives, we were able to offer unique perspectives to the panel discussions.

‘Our hosts were impressed by our efforts and we received praise from our consulate here and from the embassy in Moscow. I want to extend the thanks of everyone in Russia, and to those of the IOM3 team who worked behind the scenes to make this a successful event,’ Bowbrick said.

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