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Posted by IED - Institution of Engineering Designers on 22 March 2018

Pete is co-founder and Trustee of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK-based charity that aims to put the power of computing into the hands of people all over the world. It provides low-cost Raspberry Pi computers that people use to learn and have fun. It develops free resources to help learners, trains teachers to support them, runs networks of volunteer-led computing clubs for children, and provides support to educators, volunteers, and parents who want to help young people learn about computing and digital making. Within a week of release of the first Raspberry Pi computer, more than 30,000 consumers had downloaded the operating system software; current worldwide sales stand at 17 million units, and the Foundation’s coding clubs reach nearly 200,000 children worldwide. On accepting the invitation to the role, Pete said:

“I’m hugely honoured to be asked to be the next honorary President of the IED.

Creative success in the modern world demands the skills of an integrated engineering team, with knowledge of structural materials through to User Interface design, working together to develop innovative solutions in fields as diverse as architecture, transportation, consumer goods and power generation. Today, electronics and computation permeate almost every aspect of the physical and social environment and have become a key element of many innovative products. Couple this with advances in materials technology, such as graphene and advanced 3D-printing techniques, and the future of engineering design looks set to continue to revolutionise our world.

I have been fortunate with my work at Raspberry Pi to be able to focus on encouraging children to “leave the screen behind”, and become involved with physical design and construction whilst they develop an understanding of how electronics and computers can be used effectively in their digital maker projects. Watching the transition of young designers from consumers to creators is a satisfying and humbling experience.

I look forward helping the IED promote its mission over the coming years, and especially in this “Year of Engineering”, where it is critical that we expose the wealth of exciting career opportunities that exist within design and engineering as a whole.

Our young digital makers of today have the potential to become the innovators, engineers and product designers of tomorrow. They just need our support, their ideas will inspire them, and they will achieve their dreams.”

In his day job Pete is Director of Engineering for Norcott Technologies, a UK based electronics design and manufacturing company. He has spent the last 30 years helping individuals and companies bring their product ideas to life. He holds a BSc, MSc. in computer science from the University of Manchester and has lectured on, electronic design, computer architecture, systems engineering and CADCAM. In 2017 he was awarded a DSc. from Manchester Metropolitan University in recognition of his educational outreach activities.

The IED is the professional body for those working in engineering and product design.

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