Invasive Non-Native Species - Implications on the Water Industry (Also available via Webinar)

4 February 2019
Room B1, Nelson Office Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Nelson, Treharris, CF46 6LY


Invasive Non-Native Species - or “INNS” - is not a term many of us are familiar with.

Non-native species are animals and plants that have been introduced into Britain by people and have colonised our natural environment. There are many non-native species in the UK, including house mice and rabbits. Most are fairly harmless, but around 10-15% cause environmental, economic and social problems. These are the INNS.

So what does this have to do with the Water Industry?  

Join Dusi Thomas, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water's Environmental Advisor, as she gives an insight into why the UK water industry has to think about the matter and what it is doing about it, if anything at all.

Dusi will use DCWW as an example on how this issue is being adressed, discuss the reasons why and look to see if anything could be done better. She will also touch on the apporach DCWW intend to take for the AMP7 period, and how the company goes about delivering its services to their customers.


This event will also be available via Webinar. 

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